AWKWARD: Even Adam Schiff Acknowledges Everyone Wants Him to Stop Talking During His Marathon Impeachment Speech (VIDEO)

House impeachment manager Adam Schiff is a lunatic who has been spewing insane Trump-Russia conspiracy theories from the Senate floor all week.

On Wednesday, Adam Schiff went on a long-winded impeachment tirade that lasted for two hours.

Schiff is completely deranged and went from lie to conspiracy throughout his nearly 2-hour opening argument.

Fox News host Jesse Watters said Schiff looked like a “rotten dandelion” and “listening to him is like being in the room when someone’s vacuuming. You just can’t wait for it to stop.”

Well, even Schiff acknowledged everyone wanted him to stop talking.

At the end of his marathon impeachment speech, Schiff assured everyone that the “end is in sight” as he gave them a 10-minute warning.

“I have about 10 minutes left in my presentation — so the end is in sight,” Schiff said widening his eyes.


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