America First Millennial Files For Congress – Yehudis Gottesfeld Is a Young, Female, Jewish, Republican, Scientist Running in New York’s 17th District

Yehudis Gottesfeld, a 25-year-old chemical engineer from Rockland County in New York, has filed for New York’s 17th congressional district. The current incumbent Democrat is retiring, putting the 17th up for grabs. Gottesfeld has advised the New York Department of Environmental Protection and has conducted critical environmental research projects at both Columbia University and The City College of New York.

“I’m running for Congress to bring common sense leadership to Washington,” Gottesfeld continued, “We need
new ideas and bold leadership to break the gridlock and petty politics we see in DC. It would be my honor to
serve my community in the United State Congress.

According to Gottesfeld’s campaign consultant Brian Graham, who is known nationally for helping upstart America First candidates get elected on the county level all the way up to congress, Gottesfeld wants to join fellow female Republican and New Yorker Elise Stefanik in pushing back against the extremists of the swamp in DC.

“The Democrats have left many behind by embracing socialism and abandoning support for Israel. I’ll work every day to empower Americans to improve their lives and to stand up to radical liberals like Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocacio Cortez whose extremism is out of touch with the values of average Americans.” Yehudis Gottesfeld told this Gateway Pundit reporter via phone Wednesday evening.

Ms. Gottesfeld’s background in chemical engineering, with a primary focus in nuclear, could be the Democrats worst nightmare when it comes to the debate on climate change and how we use out national energy resources effectively to end our addiction to foreign oil. Could you imagine Gottesfeld, who holds actual degrees and respect in the energy and engineering communities squaring up on the floors of congress against The Dopey Bartender on climate change?

An America First millennial female defeats all of the left-wing conspiracy theories about who the Republican party is and who the GOP candidates in 2020 really are.



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