What is Wrong with Grandpa Joe? Reporter Schools a Confused, Clueless Biden on Obamacare (VIDEO)

What is wrong with Grandpa Joe?

Creepy Grandpa Joe is currently on his “No Malarkey” Iowa bus tour desperately trying to whip up support for his low energy 2020 campaign.

So far his “No Malarkey” tour isn’t going so well.

Biden was corrected by a reporter from Noticias Telemundo on Thursday when he became confused about how Obamacare works.

Obamacare or the ‘Affordable Healthcare Act’ was passed while Biden was Vice President, yet he’s completely clueless.

The reporter actually had to school Biden on how Obamacare works — and this guy wants to be leader of the free world.

Biden quickly tried to correct himself but his brain was clearly short circuiting.


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