Watch Pelosi Flounder When Reporter Asks Her Why Dems Didn’t Include “Bribery” In Impeachment Resolution (VIDEO)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday floundered after a reporter asked her why Democrats didn’t include “bribery” in the impeachment resolution.

House Democrats announced their Articles of Impeachment against President Trump on Tuesday morning.

After breathless bluster from Democrats and their stenographers in the media that Trump engaged in quid pro quo and used “bribery” in his dealings with Ukraine, the Dems backed down and hit Trump with two broad articles of impeachment, excluding bribery charges.

— Abuse of Power
— Obstruction of Congress
That’s all they could come up with

“You, yourself accused [Trump] of bribery. Why did you decide not to make bribery one of the articles of impeachment?” a reporter asked Pelosi as the Speaker sipped water.

“I, myself am not a lawyer, ” Pelosi said. Pathetic.

But she wasn’t done. Pelosi went on a bizarre tangent about not being a doctor either.

“Sometimes I act like one. Not as often as I act as a doctor. I practice medicine on the side without benefit of diploma too,” Pelosi said.


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