WACKY: CNN’s S.E. Cupp Says Trump Will Demand A ‘Third Term’ As President

Liberals are really out of their minds.

And the liberals at CNN are in need of institutionalization.

The latest to warrant the straitjacket is S.E. Cupp, who hosts a weekend show called “Unfiltered.” She took to Twitter to pass along a conspiracy theory that President Trump will demand a “third term” as president.

“Remember when Bloomberg demanded a third term as mayor and got it?” Cupp asked her 415,000 followers. “Trump will do the same. Beware, the same autocratic impulses…”

There’s just one problem. It’s called the Constitution. The president is limited to two terms. End of debate.

The conspiracy theory continues to float around in liberal circles.

Actor Robert De Niro told The Daily Beast last month: “He’s going to be history at one point, though he’d love to be president for life. He jokes about it. I think that if he became president for a second term he’d try to have a third term, and let smarter people manipulate it into getting us into some kind of altercation: a war.”

“The only other president who served a third term was Roosevelt because he was in a war, and this fool would go and start something. This was what Marty Scorsese was saying, and I said, ‘Marty, I never thought of that. I never thought he’d go for a third term if there was a war or something,’” De Niro explains. “Trump joked about being ‘president for life’ with [Chinese president Xi Jinping] and so-on, he’ll pardon anybody, he’ll do anything. The day after he was elected, I went on a TV show and said I’d give him the benefit of the doubt and say that I hope he won’t be as bad as I think he will be, but he’s turned out to be a lot worse.”

Trump has stoked the flames.

The 22nd Amendment says a person can only serve two elected terms as president of the United States.

End of story.

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