Trump Hating NY Gov Cuomo Vetoes Bill Allowing Federal Judges to Officiate at State Weddings Because…Trump

An innocuous bill that passed the New York state legislature with overwhelming bipartisan support that would have authorized federal district and appeals court judges to officiate at weddings was vetoed on Friday by Gov. Andrew Cuomo because federal judges are appointed by President Donald Trump who, according to Cuomo, “does not embody who we are as New Yorkers.”

S6330A, sponsored by Sen. Liz Krueger (D, WF-28) passed in June with a Senate vote of 61-1 and only two nay votes out of the 150 seat Assembly, according to NYStatePolitics.

“The purpose of this bill is to expand judges who are eligible to solem-nize a marriage to include all federal court of appeals and federal district judges.”

Slam dunk for a signature, yes? Not when you are consumed with Trump Derangement Syndrome like the Cuomo brothers. Andrew’s brother Chris is a CNN anchor.

The veto was first reported by PoliticoNY reporter Bill Mahoney, with Cuomo’s stammering double down ending included:

“I cannot in good conscience support legislation that would authorize such actions by federal judges who are appointed by this federal administration. President Trump does not embody who we are as New Yorkers. The cornerstones that built our great State are diversity, tolerance, and inclusion. Based on these reasons, I must veto this bill. Based on these reasons, I must veto this bill.”

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