Trump Boasts About Getting NATO Countries to Contribute $530 Billion More and US Less …And Fake News Mocked Him!

America has never had such a dishonest and hate-filled mainstream media as it does today.

As Sean Hannity says, “The media is dead.”

And, sadly, even many of the FOX News personalities have become intolerant Trump-bashers.

On Sunday President Trump pointed out how he was alone able to increase NATO contributions by $530 billion.
And he also pointed out how the unhinged and hateful media mocked him when he returned from the London meetings.

According to Tony Shaffer at Townhall — At the latest NATO summit in London this month, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that the alliance is “making real progress” on burden-sharing, pointing out that Canada and the European allies have invested an additional $130 billion on defense since 2016, with the goal of increasing their defense spending by a combined $400 billion by 2024.

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