Trump Advocate Launches “Last Hope USA” To Stand Against Indoctrination

The America First movement knows high-school senior CJ Pearson as one of President Donald J. Trump’s most aggressive and effective advocates on social media, who implores the nation’s youth to support Donald Trump’s presidency. He has used his platform, which counts nearly a half of million followers, to fight the fake news attacks on President Trump and his supporters.

Pearson is one of MAGA’s rising stars. He has survived racist attacks from the mainstream media and leftist commentators, evangelizing for President Trump’s reforms and allies with an acute precision.

Instead of simply enjoying his vast digital media following and planning for college, Pearson announced several days ago that he has launched Last Hope USA, a 501c3 organization that aims to educate our students about our founding documents and provide them the needed tools to fight against indoctrination from educators.

Speaking exclusively to TGP in his first interview discussing Last Hope USA, Pearson said he wants students to leave high school with a basic knowledge of civics and how our government works.

“The powerful prey on the ignorant. No student should leave high school without having garnered a basic, fundamental knowledge of civics and the way in which our government operates – for both their sake and the sake of our Republic.”

Influencer Ali Alexander, who secured action from President Donald Trump to free rapper A$AP Rocky and who has been linked to Kanye West’s pro-Trump advocacy, has promised to match money raised for Pearson’s Last Hope USA dollar for dollar, up to $5,000 according to statuses posted on Alexander’s digital media accounts.

“There’s no one organization or activist focused on civics. This is the reset we need. I’m not only putting my money towards a friend’s efforts, but for a cause that can — hopefully — revive our nation’s bond between free men and women,” Alexander told TGP.

With our nation’s youth under the thumb of drag queen story hour and leftist educators, Pearson’s new project might be the last line of defense. Either we stand up and demand that young American’s be educated and allowed to express themselves without censorship, or we throw in the towel to the likes of David Hogg and Greta Thunberg.

GOOD LUCK CJ! Those looking to help his efforts can learn more here.


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