Too Late, Jackasses: NYT and WaPo Editors: We Cannot be Dismissive Of Trump Voters With Our Coverage, ‘They Are Owed Our Respect’ (VIDEO)

Sorry, jackasses.
That ship has sailed.

New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet and Washington Post executive editor Marty Baron went on with Chuck Todd on Sunday and agreed that their papers cannot be dismissive of Trump voters.

This was after Chuck Todd started the segment by saying Trump voters want to be lied to.

The WaPo and New York Times have been lying to Trump voters for years.
They lied about President Trump being Putin’s puppet for three years — and NEVER apologized.

These elitists are as clueless as they are insulting.

They then went on to discuss “misinformation” in the news.
Something they are all experts on but just don’t know it.

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