“That Woman Looks Her Nose Down at You!” – Kellyanne Conway Blasts Elitist Snob and Barron Trump Abuser Pam Karlan and her Attacks on Working Americans (VIDEO)

On Wednesday Democrat impeachment panelist Pam Karlan mocked ordinary Americans and young Barron Trump during her testimony before the House Judiciary Committee.
It was a mean and vicious ploy by the angry Trump-hating lecturer.

Democrats in the room laughed and applauded her vicious attack on a child.
It’s who they are.

On Thursday President Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway joined FOX and Friends to discuss the disastrous showing by the Democrat elitists who lectured America on their hatred of Donald Trump.

Kellyanne went off on Professor Pam Karlan and her attacks on ordinary working Americans.

Kellyanne Conway: I have one more thing to say that I wanted to get out today. If you, ladies and gentlemen, went to work today to manicure nails, to manicure a lawn. If you went to work with a jack hammer or a welding machine or mechanics tools or a carpentry belt and not with three degrees from Yale, that woman there yesterday looks her nose down at you. She thinks that you are less than her. And I’ve had it.

Via FOX and Friends:

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