SICK: Filmmaker Fantasizes About Killing Jewish Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer On Hanukkah

On the first day of Hanukkah, LA based filmmaker and puppeteer Loren Feldman posted a tweet discussing how he “loved” the idea of killing Jews that he viewed as disloyal, naming prominent free speech advocate and congressional candidate Laura Loomer as someone who should be killed.

Calling for Loomer to be assassinated is nothing new for the degenerate left. Due to her activism and role as an investigative journalist willing to take on radical Islam, Loomer has been the subject of countless attacks from the “tolerant left”, with sickos hoping that she will be killed, raped, and brutalized in other ways.

Often referred to as the “most banned women in the world,” Laura Loomer has been de-personed on nearly every digital platform known to man, allowing these sick individuals to relentlessly attack and shame her. Facebook has even told users that it is okay to call for Loomer and other Trump advocates to be killed, while banning people for even the tamest comments about Islam or Drag Queen Story Hour.

In response to Facebook’s incitement of violence, Congressman Paul Gosar issued a statement last week saying Twitter and Facebook should be investigated for inciting violence against conservatives.

Gosar said he would be sending a letter to Attorney General Barr to address Facebooks’s incitement of violent threats.

Feldman has refused multiple requests for comment about the tweet, which is definitely a violation of Twitter’s policies. However, he has also used his account to doxx and harass an alleged member of the Proud Boys, RT’ing a post about a Texas man that calls for him to be fired from his job for being pro-Trump.

Loomer did not back down after Feldman’s tweet, speaking exclusively to TGP.

“The egregious double standard in Silicon Valley between what is and isn’t tolerated on Twitter and Facebook should concern every decent person. There is no denying the fact that Twitter is biased against conservatives and Jews when I was permanently banned from Twitter for saying “Ilhan Omar is anti-Jewish”, but Leftist accounts like Loren’s get to openly call for me, a Jewish Republican congressional candidate to be murdered on Hanukkah!”

“The incitement of political violence and blatant Jew hatred directed towards me is largely the result of companies like Facebook and Twitter maliciously labeling me “dangerous”, falsely accusing me of being a “white supremacist”, and declaring open Season on my life by sanctioning violent threats against my life, as they have done and is outlined in the lawsuit I filed against Facebook earlier this year.”

Just as President Trump recently highlighted when he passed an executive order to address anti Semitism, Jew hatred is on the rise in America and there’s no denying that big tech is complicit.

Combatting anti Semitism and big tech bias are two key issues that are a part of Loomer’s bold congressional agenda as outlined on her campaign site.

In contrast to other candidates who make false promises to tackle these issues, Loomer’s activism and investigative journalism over the last few years proves she walks the walk, which is why she is internationally know for being a woman of action.


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