Senior Pelosi Staffer Reveals House Unlikely to Hold Impeachment Vote Before Christmas, “Too Complex” to Move That Quickly

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The Democrats do not have a presidential candidate who can beat Trump in 2020, so their only game plan is to attack Trump with impeachment.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will likely not hold a full impeachment vote before Christmas according to one of her senior staffers because it’s “too complex” to move this quickly.

CHAD PERGRAM: Sr member of Pelosi’s leadership team tells Fox it seems unlikely that the House can vote on impeachment before Christmas. Says “it’s too complex” to do it this quickly

The House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday released the much-anticipated “Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry Report.”

The 300-page report accused Trump of abusing power of the presidency, obstruction and intimidating, threatening and tampering with witnesses.

Schiff obtained his own committee’s ranking member GOP Rep. Devin Nunes and Nunes’s aide Derek Harvey’s phone records as part of the “impeachment inquiry.”

Schiff and House Democrats also obtained phone records for President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and investigative reporter John Solomon!

Schiff is declining to say how the House obtained the phone records.

Despite the lack of public support, the House Judiciary Committee is pressing forward with another impeachment hearing on Wednesday.

The House Democrats are panicking as they quietly debate expanding impeachment articles beyond Ukraine as they realize their narrative is not selling the public on removing Trump from office.

There is an internal debate as red-state Dems push back against impeachment and want to keep the investigation focused only on Ukraine rather than roll out the stale Mueller report and highlight the ’10 instances of obstruction by President Trump’ — none of which Mueller decided to charge Trump with after two years of a bogus investigation.

Pelosi simply doesn’t have the votes right now to move forward with a full impeachment vote which is just one of the reasons why she will drag out this unconstitutional impeachment inquiry into 2020.

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