Reports: Women for Trump Group Attacked at DC’s Willard Hotel–By Democrat Wedding Party

A meeting of pro-Trump women by a group called Women for America First was disrupted and attendees harassed and attacked at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C. Saturday night, according to reports. Jonathan Gilliam, a former Navy SEAL, was in attendance and tried to shield the women. Gilliam was attacked and reportedly wounded. There is a claim that one arrest was made.

The Willard is located about a block from the White House and is considered one of the finest hotels in the nation’s capital and is known for its annual Christmas decorations.

Here’s a photo of the mayhem.

An observer posted a photo to Instagram Saturday night that showed several D.C. Metropolitan police officers in the lobby of the Willard. The observer commented, “Because sometimes even really well-dressed super rich people just can’t get along nicely….at a wedding….at The Willard! Lol…funniest part is as we’re leaving later, I see guy w bloody nose and his wife or girlfriend says “tonight is the one time you forgot your tampons?”

Dr. Jane Ruby tweeted about the attack, “BREAKING: @realDonaldTrump supporters attacked in DC @WillardHotel last night During @WomenforTrump event, speaker @JGilliam_SEAL Former Navy seal and incredible patriot was attacked by anti-Trump scumbags attending a wedding at the hotel. He was injured.”

Ann Vandersteel posted a multi-part statement from an attendee:

1/ BREAKING: Last night at the @WillardHotel there was a wedding with #DNC people attending…as soon as they found out #WomenForAmericaFirst were having an event to support the @POTUS they immediately started to taunt women in the bathroom calling them “MAGA Sluts”…2/ “MAGA trash”, “C*unts”…they kept trying to infilitrate the private event multiple times doing fake bids on auction items and harassing people at the event including a 16-year-old mior. when it became clear, ti wasn’t going to stop…3/ hotel security was called by the WFAF event to de-escelate the situation and for our safety. @JGilliam_SEAL & other men from teh event began escorting women away from the event safely – because men and women from teh wedding were taunting MAGA Women…4/ They were saying “Only people who care about ther ovaries can ride the elevator” abarrin conservatives from the elevator and making insults at Trump supporters like “Nazis, Fascists and bigots…” 5/ As @JGilliam_SEAL was escorting women up the stairs, a group from teh wedding started harassing him and saying “You must be a tough guy with that hair cut” et. Wouldn’t allow our group forward blocking our women. One man kept coming up in Jonathan’s face – instigating…6/ The Trump suporting women’s safety were at risk because the buy came at Jonathan and he was blocking the exit. Jonathan tried to get the women to safety by clearing a path adn 4-6 men jumped on him. One member of their group was arrested.@realDonaldTrump @realPolitiDiva

Ann Vandersteel thread starts with this tweet:

Tracy Beanz relayed reports several high profile Democrats were at the wedding party, “As per several people at the party, there were several high profile democrats at the wedding. We are working to confirm this now and will release as soon as we have positively identified them.”

Vandersteel posted a couple photos from attendees of alleged instigators: “This picture is from the wedding where the deranged TDS afflicted guests emerged harassing MAGA women, assaulted a former Navy Seal, FBI agent and US Federal Air Marshall @JGilliam_SEAL The man in the red tie drinking a beer was arrested. @realDonaldTrump @fbi @SecretService”

“This is the woman who instigated in the bathroom. She called my source, a witness attending the Women For America First event @WillardHotel “MAGA trash” when my source was washing her hands minding her own business. @realDonaldTrump @JGilliam_SEAL”

(Note the clenched fist.)

“Can anyone identify this witness? That guy was bragging that they spent 100K at a wedding and that they should be able to do whatever they want. He was standing in the hall taunting women. @fbi @WillardHotel @SecretService

A witness to the attack on Gilliam, “Jonathan had just escorted me down the stairs a few mintues before they attacked him. I’m so glad to hear a member of the wedding party was arrested. I grabbed a guy by his waist and bear hugged him because so many men were attacking Johnathan. He’s our hero.”

“Tracy I was there. I have pics we also have video. We were not doing anything and a wedding party harrassed us all night then physically attacked Johnathan and Paul.”

Video of Gilliam giving the invocation at the event:

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