Proof That Democrats Just Trashed the Constitution and Are Using Impeachment as a Political Stunt — They’re Already Talking About Doing It Again, They’ll Make Up the Crime Later!

On Thursday Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Democrats will proceed with sham articles of President Donald Trump. They don’t have any charges yet, and Adam Schiff’s Intelligence Committee Report is littered with lies and omissions that will NEVER stand up in any court of law, but they will prayerfully and with love proceed with their impeachment exercise.

The Democrats know their political exercise will be quashed in the US Senate. They also must realize that several Democrats will be called in to testify including serial liar Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and crack-head Hunter Biden.

Democrats have turned impeachment into a political exercise.

They are already talking about impeaching President Trump again and again.

And earlier today Clinton advisor and Democrat operative Paul Begala said the same thing.

Democrats don’t give a rat’s a$$ about the US Constitution.
For the first time in history Democrats are using the impeachment process as a political stunt!
They don’t even have a crime!
They just want to damage the sitting US President!

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