Pelosi’s Latest Babblings About Impeachment Are Bizarre, Prompt Questions About Her Mental Health (VIDEO)

Whoa. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is acting really bizarre.

“Sadly, but with confidence and humility, with allegiance to our founders and our heart full of love for America, today, I am asking our chairmen to proceed with articles of impeachment,” Pelosi said in a brief televised statement from the Capitol.

“Heart full of love”? “Humility”? What is she talking about?! It’s a partisan hack job to undo the will of 63 million Americans!

The impeachment inquiry has rushed toward an inevitable vote in the House to approve articles of impeachment and move the case to the Senate. In the process, Democrats have prevented Republicans from calling their own witnesses and have taken only party-line votes to proceed. There hasn’t been a hint of “love” or “humility” along the way.

After her really weird address to the nation (Fox News contributor Charlie Hurt said it looked like a “hostage video”), she held court for the media in the House.

“All I hear from the press is that I’m moving so swiftly that, like a blur, going by. This has been a couple of years, two and a half, since the initial investigation of the U.S. — Russian involvement which started much of this,” she said.

Wait, did she just say the impeachment movement has been going on since the probe into alleged collusion BEGAN? That investigation ended up clearing President Trump of all charges.

Then Pelosi came completely unhinged when James Rosen, a former Fox News reporter, asked her: “Do you hate the president, Madame Speaker?”

Pelosi, who had left the podium, stared down Rosen, wagging a boney finger at him.  “I don’t hate anybody… Don’t you accuse me!

“I did not accuse you,” Rosen said.

“You did, you did,” Pelosi said.

“I asked a question, Rosen said.

I think the president is a coward when it comes to, uh, helping our, our kids who are afraid of gun violence,” she said, holding out her wrist so her bracelet was visible (for some reason). I think he is cruel when he doesn’t deal with, with, helping our dreamers, of which we are very proud. i think he’s in denial about the Consti — about climate crisis. However, that’s about the election,” Pelosi said.

“This is about the Constitution of the United States and the facts that lead to the president’s violation of his oath of office. And as a Catholic, I resent your using the word hate in a sentence that addresses me. I don’t hate anyone. In was raised in a way that, heart full of love, and always pray for the president and I still pray for the president. I pray for the president all the time. So, don’t mess with me when it comes to words like that.”

In a bizarre interview on Wednesday night, Pelosi said “E pluribus unum, from many one. And so I said, from many one. Quid pro quo. Bribery.”

What the ….?!

Trump summed it up best. “Nancy Pelosi just had a nervous fit. She hates that we will soon have 182 great new judges and sooo much more. Stock Market and employment records. She says she “prays for the President.” I don’t believe her, not even close. Help the homeless in your district Nancy. USMCA?”


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