LAUGHABLE: CNBC Reporter Thinks Journalists Are Being Too Fair To Republicans

The media is so out of touch.

The vast majority of journalists on cable news usually sound as if they are marketing agents for the Democratic party.

CNBC’s John Harwood sounds especially ridiculous here.

He thinks journalists are just being too fair to Republicans.

The Daily Wire reports:

CNBC’s John Harwood Is Getting Trolled For Saying Journalists Are Too Fair To The ‘Fundamentally Broken’ GOP

In another blatant display of media bias masquerading as uncomfortably frank objectivity, CNBC editor-at-large John Harwood declared the GOP to be “fundamentally broken” and lamented how journalists are being supposedly too fair in their coverage of the party.

On Sunday, Harwood responded to a tweet from CNN’s Brian Stelter, who quoted Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan lamenting how media objectivity gave power to the GOP.

“In an unceasing effort to be seen as neutral, journalists, time after time, fell into the trap of presenting facts and lies as roughly equivalent and then blaming political tribalism for not seeming to know the difference,” Sullivan said.

In response, Harwood tweeted: “Good description of the challenge for journalism … hard for reporters to say plainly that the Republican Party, at this point in our history, is fundamentally broken … but it is.”

See the tweet below:

Check out some of the responses to this:

Harwood is delusional.

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