Germany: Eight Arabs Attack Christmas Party at St. Nicolai and Stab Parish Employees

Eight Arabs attacked a Christmas Eve party at St. Nicolai’s church in Chemnitz

A Syrian migrant was asked to leave the party after causing a disturbance.
Later eight Arab men came back and attacked the party leaving on parishioner severely injured.

Mittelrhein-tageblatt reported: (translated)

The organizers had to call a 53-year-old several times, as a result of which he left the event. A little later, a group of several men appeared at the venue, who were apparently described as people from the Arab world. A new dispute sparked, which escalated into acts against a 34-year-old.

During the dispute settlement, a 51-year-old was seriously injured by a stab wound. He is currently being treated in a hospital. The 34-year-old had suffered minor injuries. The police have started an investigation into the currently unknown men, the crime and the circumstances.

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