‘Chill Up Your Spine’: Nikki Haley Says ‘Every American Should Watch This’ Comey Video

Fox News host Chris Wallace on Sunday conducted an extraordinary interview with former FBI Director Jim Comey.

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who also served as President Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations, says every American should see it.

“Every American should watch this interview. It will send a chill up your spine. Regardless of party, this should worry everyone as to the errors that were made. ‘Gross Negligence and Intentionality’ ‘Bad Faith’ ‘I was wrong,’ ” she wrote.

Here is the video…

In the interview, this exchange happened:

Wallace: “Horowitz says it wasn’t part — as you told Bret Baier — it wasn’t part of a broader mosaic. He said it played an essential role in establishing probable cause. In fact, he says, if it hadn’t been for the Steele dossier, the FBI probably would haven’t even submitted a FISA application — that it had been reviewed in April of 2016 — or August, rather, of 2016 — they decided not to do it. They get the Steele dossier. They do it. It wasn’t part of a broader mosaic. That’s what you said, sir.”

Comey: “I’m not sure he and I are saying different things.”

What the ….?! Not saying different things?! Horowitz said the dossier played a “central and essential role,” while Comey said it was just a tile in a mosaic.

But back to Comey.

“What his report says is that the FBI thought it was a close call until they got the Steele report, put that additional information in, and that tipped it over to be probable cause. It’s a long FISA application. It includes Steele material and lots of other material. I don’t think we’re saying different things,” the former FBI director turned Trump hater said.

Wallace: “Well, I think you are, sir, because he’s saying — you’re saying it’s part of a broader mosaic; it’s just one element. He’s saying it was the tipping point. It’s what brought it over. That doesn’t make it part of a broader mosaic; it makes it the centerpiece of the whole FISA application and the ability to surveil Carter Page.”

Comey: “Yeah. I don’t understand it to be saying that. I could be wrong about that.”

Wallace, who looked a bit stunned, soldiered on, quoting Horowitz: He says, ‘We concluded the Steele reporting played a central and essential role in the decision to seek a FISA warrant, that it pushed the FISA proposal over the line in terms of establishing probable cause.’ I mean, he says —

Comey: “Yeah.”

Wallace: “– what he says. Words mean something.”

Comey: “Yeah. And I agree with his characterization. I’m just confused — I no — I don’t see the disconnect between the two of us. And I’m sorry that I’m missing it.”

Chris Wallace: “Well, you don’t see a difference between ‘It’s part of a broader mosaic’ and ‘It was the — it played an essential role in establishing probable cause?’ ”

Comey: “It was one of a bunch of different facts that were assembled to apply to the court. It was the one that convinced the lawyers that they had enough now, with that added to the pile, to go forward.”

Wallace: “I guess the question is, it seemed that you were minimizing the role of the Steele Dossier, and he’s saying it’s a lot more important than you let on.”

James Comey: “OK. If I was, then I’m sorry that I did that.”


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