Chairman Nadler Fails to Swear In Two Witnesses at Judiciary Impeachment Hearings

The House Judiciary Committee led by Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) met on Monday morning to continue their sham impeachment hearing.

As usual, Nadler ran the hearing like a tyrant and refused the Minority’s right to bring in witnesses.

Nadler got into it with GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz and gaveled him into silence.

The Chairman also failed to swear in two witnesses prior to their opening statements on Monday morning — this stealth move gave Nadler the ability to strike down Republicans who raised a point of order objecting to the witness’s statements by claiming they weren’t witnesses.

Furthermore, the two witnesses could lie without fear of perjuring themselves.

Via Breitbart’s Joel Pollak:

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) failed to swear in the two counsels for both the Democrats and Republicans prior to their opening statements in Monday’s impeachment inquiry hearing.

Though staff members are not typically sworn in, witnesses must be sworn in and deliver testimony under oath.

Both Democrat counsel Barry Berke and Republican Counsel Stephen Castor delivered opening statements. Berke in particular made several factual assertions — many of which were dubious at best, and outright false at worst.

For example, Berke claimed that State Department staffer David Holmes had “heard it from the president himself” when he testified that President Donald Trump was interested in Ukraine conducting investigations.

Nadler’s failure to swear in the witnesses was significant because it allowed the counsels to make claims without fear of perjuring themselves.

It was also significant for another reason: when Republicans raised a point of order, objecting to Berke impugning the president’s motives, which is forbidden under House rules, Nadler ruled that the point of order was invalid because Berke was not a witness.

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