BORIS JOHNSON CRUSHES IT IN UK ELECTIONS — Brexit Mandate — Corbyn Trounced — AOC Interference Proves Worthless

Conservative leader Boris Johnson and the Tories are set to win a huge overall majority in the British General Election on Thursday.

Exit polling has Johnson and the Tories winning 368 MPs putting him on course for the largest margin for a Conservative leader since Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s.

The BBC reported:

The survey taken at UK polling stations suggests the Tories will get 368 MPs – 50 more than at the 2017 election – when all the results have been counted.

Labour would get 191, the Lib Dems 13, the Brexit Party none and the SNP 55.

The Green Party will still have one MP and Plaid Cymru will lose one seat for a total of three, the survey suggests.

The first general election results are due before midnight, with the final total expected to be known by Friday lunchtime.

Socialism was rejected in the UK.

AOC’s endorsement and interference turned out to be worthless.

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