Vindman Caught in ANOTHER LIE – Tim Morrison Testimony Blows Up Another One of Vindman’s Outrageous Claims (VIDEO)

NSC leaker Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman on Tuesday testified on day 3 of the Adam Schiff impeachment show trial.

Although TGP already documented two different times Vindman may have perjured himself, which can be read here and here, it looks like he was caught in ANOTHER lie as his boss Tim Morrison testified.

Vindman’s boss Tim Morrison blew up another one of Vindman’s outrageous claims during his testimony under questioning from Congressman Brad Wenstrup (R-OH).

Earlier Tuesday, Vindman told Jim Jordan that he didn’t go to his boss Tim Morrison with his concerns after the July Trump-Zelensky call because Morrison was unavailable.

“Col. Vindman, after the call, why didn’t you go to Mr. Morrison?” Jim Jordan asked Vindman earlier on Tuesday.

“Per the instructions from the July 10th incident, I went immediately to Mr. Eisenberg (NSC lawyer) — after I expressed my concerns…it was an extremely busy week,” Vindman said.

Vindman continued, “I managed to speak to two folks in the inter-agency. I attempted to try to talk to Mr. Morrison. That didn’t happen before I received instructions from John Eisenberg to not talk to anybody else any further.”

However, Mr. Morrison testified to Rep. Wenstrup that Vindman indeed approached him on the same day as Trump’s call with ‘edits’ to his transcript.

“[Vindman] did say that he didn’t come to you with his concerns because you weren’t available — but that same day he came to you with edits, is that correct? Rep. Winstrup asked Morrison.

“I believe that is generally correct. Yes, sir,” Morrison responded. Wenstrup replied, “Ok well he said you were not available.”


Jim Jordan called out Vindman’s game — plant disinformation seeds by leaking to his “coordination partners” in order to launch another coup attempt to remove Trump from office — Vindman went outside of his chain of command and never spoke to his boss Tim Morrison about his concerns because his plan from day one was to leak disinformation to a whistleblower.

Vindman admitted to being the primary source of leaks to Eric Ciaramella, so when is he going to get the ‘Roger Stone treatment’ for lying to Congress?

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