University of Virginia Cancels 21-Gun Salute Over Concern it Would Cause Panic if People Heard Gunshots

The University of Virginia canceled its 21-gun salute from its Veterans Day ceremony over concerns it would cause panic with snowflakes if they heard gunshots on the grounds.

The decision to end the decade-long tradition of a 21-gun salute was made by the provost’s office in conjunction with UVA’s ROTC program.

Liberals ruin everything.


“One is that it would be disruptive to classes and two unfortunately with gun violence in the U.S., there was some concern that we would cause a panic if someone heard gunshots on grounds,” Jim Ryan, the college’s president, told NBC29.

Veteran Jay Levine told NBC29 that he is “very disillusioned, very upset, and very surprised that they would make such a decision.”


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Donald Trump Jr. responded by asking, “How will these people (snowflakes) ever be able to function in the real world?”

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