TRUMP WAS RIGHT! Somalia was a Mess When Yovanovitch Went There to Work – And a Failed State After She Left

Somalia 1991

Disgruntled fired US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testified on Friday on day two of the Adam Schiff show trial.

During her testimony President Trump torched the corrupt fired Ambassador on twitter in real time.

President Trump accused the fired ambassador of leaving a trail of destruction.

Trump was right!

Of course, the AP carried water for Yovanovitch and giving her a pass after her failed tour in Somalia.

Yovanovitch served as a low-level diplomat in Somalia in her first foreign tour after joining the foreign service in her 20s. She had nothing to do with the 1984 famine that preceded her arrival in Somalia and contributed to that country’s unraveling, nor anything to do with the government’s collapse and the onset of anarchy after she left.

And while she served in Somalia, she had decidedly limited influence in a junior post…

Mogadishu, Somalia, was her first tour after she joined the foreign service in 1986. She was a general-services officer with little clout, before she moved to other countries in increasingly senior positions.

The Somali civil war began in earnest in 1988, leading to a collapse in law and order by 1990, the overthrow of the government in 1991 and eventually to the ill-starred, U.S.-led United Nations peacekeeping intervention in 1992.

By then, she had moved on.

Somalia was SO BAD after Marie Yovanovitch moved on there were thousands of starving children in refugee camps and civil war.

What an awful place.
Of course, President Trump was right about Somalia.

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