This Sums Up Schiff’s Clown Show Impeachment Trials Perfectly: Drag Queen Sashays Into Hearings Donning Red Mini Dress

Pissi Myles sashays through security

This perfectly sums up the Schiff Show.

A drag queen donning a micro-mini red dress and huge blonde wig sashayed into Schiff’s Soviet-style show hearings on Wednesday.

Pissi Myles, a drag queen from Asbury Park, New Jersey made his way through security and caused quite a scene.

“It’s a crazy day in Washington! I’m flipping my wig over the high-energy proceedings today,” Pissi Myles told NBC News. “Tensions are high, and the bar for who’s allowed in the Longworth House is very, very low.”

But the Democrat-media complex says the impeachment hearings are not a circus…

The New York Post scorched Schiff and Pelosi on its Wednesday cover.

Schiff and Pelosi were depicted as clowns and circus ringleaders and the drag queen who crashed the hearings just added to the circus.

The Democrats are destructive and an embarrassment to this country.

Schiff Drag queen Pissi Myles takes a selfie/live vlogs:

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