“That Poor Bastard. That Poor Pathetic Guy” – President Trump Hammers Beto the Irishman After He Drops from Dem Race (VIDEO)


On Friday night Beto O’Rourke ended his campaign for president. He called it quits and dropped out of the bid for the Democrat Presidential nomination.

It was a long shot.


The white Irishman with the Latino nickname made the announcement via his twitter feed, in tandem with a long winded rhetorical bloviation on a Medium post:

President Trump responded to the news on Twitter:

And last night President Trump hammered the former candidate at his Mississippi rally.

President Trump on Beto: “Did you hear? Beto. Beto. Did you hear? That poor bastard. That poor pathetic guy. He was pathetic. Remember the arms were flailing!”

Via Polish Patriot.

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