Guest post by Ted Malloch

At these historic but failing impeachment hearings one thing stood out among a plethora of falsehoods, lack of any evidence and shambolic histrionics—THE BOW TIE.

The lead witness, George P. Kent, a State Department, Deputy Assistant Secretary (that is five layers down from the top in the vast and swampy bureaucracy) beamed in cockiness, flaunting — his big Bow Tie.

Let’s get some facts straight about Kent and the Department he has literally crawled up over some 27 years as a careerist, interested more in his job security and the country he served in than the United States of America., the one paying his salary

They call the disease: clientitis.

That means over time the foreign service officers come to attach themselves and their commitments more to the countries they go to than the one they represent, i.e., America. It is also known as localitis.

It is an age-old ailment and nearly everyone in the State Department suffers from it. I know because in the Reagan years I worked there as a political appointee and witnessed it first-hand.

Kent embodies all the traits and they demonstrate what this nullification process is essentially all about, namely: policy.

The Bow Ties don’t much like President Trump and his America First foreign policy.

It runs counter to everything they have done and invested in for many decades. His new policies disturb their globalist worldview, mindset, secular values, career-paths, and of course, their clients.

For that reason, they will do anything to try and stop him.

If that means impeachment all the better.

There was constant reference to irregular vs. regular processes and forms of foreign engagement during the hearing. The old regulars were apparently challenged by the new irregulars. But that is a pejorative term. The Trump “alternative” cut out the has beens, FSOs. and was his prerogative.

He was elected President after all — not the stale, boring, old Bow Tie bureaucrats.

What Kent (a Harvard man) and his boss, Amb. Taylor showed most is chagrin about being cut out. They became annoyed and distressed and then utterly humiliated.

Trump went around them. He also had a different policy than their old and worn out, same old, clientitis.

Kent is so attached to the Ukraine that he is certain it is the very lynchpin of our entire national security.  Got that. Forget about China, ISIS, Iran…

Not only has he served there repeatedly or in the region but when shipped back to foggy bottom he was able to continue working on the very same matters. It is his life and death; his bread and butter.

He even married a woman from Crimea, emmeshed himself totally in their culture and language, so much so that back in Virginia he and his new wife both got vanity license plates for their automobiles boasting allegiance — to the Ukraine.

Now that’s dedication!

What Trump needs to do is change policy and personnel.

Downsize the State Department and National Security Council and put HIS people who he trusts, in the positions to execute not thwart HIS policies.

Theodore Roosevelt Malloch is a scholar, diplomat, and strategist who was active in the Trump campaign in 2016. His soon to be released book) is Trump’s World: GEODEUS.
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