President Trump Announces Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer’s Replacement After Pentagon Forces His Resignation Over SEAL Gallagher Case

The Pentagon on Sunday announced it terminated Richard V. Spencer as Secretary of the Navy over his handling of Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher’s war crime case.

Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper asked for the resignation of Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer on Sunday.

This was after Secretary Spencer’s mishandling and continued threats to Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher.

Eddie Gallagher has served 19 years in the US Navy, 8 tours, 6 of which as an elite special forces operator — he was ranked as the top SEAL chief and his platoon ranked as the top SEAL platoon.

Secretary Spencer continued to threaten Navy SEAL Gallagher after his pardon by President Trump.
What kind of person does that?

President Trump on Sunday evening announced Spencer’s replacement and reassured Americans that Eddie Gallagher will retire in peace with his rank and Trident pin.

President Trump announced, “Admiral and now Ambassador to Norway Ken Braithwaite will be nominated by me to be the new Secretary of the Navy.”

The President recently restored Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher’s rank of chief petty officer after over zealous Obama hacks hunted him down for taking a picture with a dead ISIS terrorist.

The Navy last month denied a request for clemency and upheld a sentence to reduce the rank of decorated Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher for posing with a corpse of an ISIS terrorist.

A jury in July found Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher not guilty of war crimes.

Even though Gallagher was cleared of murder charges, the jury sentenced him to reduced rank and partial pay because he took a photo with a dead ISIS terrorist.

President Trump stepped in and used his power to right this wrong — and just like that, more of Obama’s anti-American ‘legacy’ gets erased — thank you President Trump!

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