PARDON ROGER STONE: White House Petition For Trump Pardon Passes 11,000

If Roger Stone worked for the deep state or Clintons he’d be a free man.

A petition put up on the White House website the day of Roger Stone’s conviction on all seven counts in federal court pleading for Trump to pardon his friend appears to be gaining steam. The “We The People” website started by the Trump administration allows for Americans to garner an official response from President Donald Trump if their petition is able to obtain 100,000 signatures.

Stone, one of President Trump’s longest friends and advisors, refused to testify against Trump when he was ensnared in the politically motivated and highly illegal Mueller “investigation.” Stone’s daughter made an appearance on Tucker Carlson the night of the conviction pleading with President Trump to “save her family.”


The political advisor was arrested in a jackbooted early morning raid on his home on January 25th of this year. Dozens of heavily armed commandos and armed vehicles, including amphibious units.

While many conservative activists and America First advocates have pushed for an immediate pardon of Roger Stone, there are certain elements within the Trump White House which have been cautioning the President against doing so. This will likely become a major campaign issue for Trump in 2020, as popular commentators like Fox News Tucker Carlson and others have shown no sign of slowing down in their calls for Stone’s immediate pardon. In his latest segment, Carlson draws comparisons between how pedophile Jeffrey Esptein was treated by federal authorities (with dignity and respect), versus how Stone was treated (like El Chapo or Pablo Escobar).

You can sign the White House petition to PARDON ROGER STONE by clicking here.

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