NEW: House Judiciary Committee Announces First Impeachment Hearing Next Week

Jerrold Nadler

The House Judiciary Committee chaired by Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) will hold its first impeachment hearing next Wednesday at 10 AM ET.

The hearing for next Wednesday is titled, “Constitutional Grounds for Presidential Impeachment.”

The desperate Democrats are still trying to sell the public on impeachment as polls show support for the Schiff show trials collapsed.

President Trump’s lawyers are invited and will be able to participate.

“The Committee intends this hearing to serve as an opportunity to discuss the historical and constitutional basis of impeachment, as well s the Framers’ intent and understanding of terms like “high crimes and misdemeanors.”” Nadler wrote.

The latest polls show Americans did not buy what the Schiff Show-Trial was selling.

A new Marquette poll shows support for impeachment has dropped in Wisconsin, as Trump leads four top Democratic rivals.

An Emerson poll published recently showed independents now oppose impeachment 49% to 34%, a reversal from October.

The Democrats know that time is not on their side which is why they are scrambling to move ahead as quickly as possible because with every passing day, Americans are waking up to their sham show.

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