FLASHBACK: Gateway Pundit was First to Interview Whistleblower Andrii Telizhenko on Democrat Corruption in Ukraine — And We Were 100% Correct

It is now obvious that the liberal media and their Democrat politicians are losing ground in their latest attempt to impeach President Donald Trump.

Yesterday’s Schiff show trial was a disaster.

And as they lose another round of impeachment bingo they are looking for an enemy to blame for their latest calamity.

And one of their top targets this week is former Ukrainian embassy official and whistleblower Andrii Telizhenko.

Telizhenko made the liberal fake news media’s most hated list this week.
Here are a few of the headlines on whistleblower Andrii Telizhenko.

Not all whistleblowers receive the same respect from the liberal media.
The Democrats and their media are out to destroy whistleblower Telizhenko.


It should be noted that The Gateway Pundit was the first publication to interview Andrii Telizhenko back in December 2018.

Here again is our report from December 2018.

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Andrii Telizhenko worked as a political officer in the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC in 2015-2016.

Andrii Telizhenko is speaking out about the DNC-Russia collusion scandal.

In early 2016 Telizhenko was approached by DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa. She is still working at the DNC. She wanted dirt on Trump and his campaign manager Paul Manafort.

The Ukrainian embassy in Washington DC worked VERY CLOSELY with DNC operative and Hillary supporter Alexandra Chalupa.

Chalupa told Andrii she wanted Russian “dirt” on the Trump campaign.

Mueller has no interest in hearing Andrii’s story. It doesn’t fit his narrative.
Mueller and his angry Democrat lawyers are not interested in the truth.
They only want to destroy Trump.

Andrii is speaking out about his experiences with DNC operatives.
He believes he is safe as long as he speaks out.

The Gateway Pundit spoke with former Ukrainian Embassy official Andrii Telizhenko on the DNC Russia-Gate Scandal.

Andrii Teslizhenko worked in Washington DC at the Ukraine Embassy in 2016. Today Andrii is a political consultant. Andrii was approached by a DNC operative during the 2016 election (March-April 2016).

As we reported this weekend, Congress needs to grill James Comey on the Ukrainian and FBI election interference.

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