First Lady Melania Trump Booed and Jeered (with Some Cheering) by Classless Baltimore School Children at Anti-Drug Event (Video)

First Lady Melania Trump was received with loud boos and jeers, along with some cheering, by Baltimore high school and middle school students at an anti-drug event held at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County Event Center on Tuesday.

Trump spoke at the Baltimore Youth Summit on Opioid Awareness as part of her “Be Best” campaign.

Video clips show Trump being introduced and walking on stage to a mix of loud boos and cheers. Trump paused at the beginning of her speech as she was jeered, saying hello to break the mood. The students made noise throughout much of her speech and booed and jeered when she finished. The moderator protectively put himself between Trump and the students when he escorted her off stage.

Incredibly, the students booed Trump after she wished them a Happy Thanksgiving at the end of her speech when initial cheers were drowned out by booing when she ended her speech.

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