DHS Officials Praise “We Build the Wall” Privately-Funded Border Wall Organization – 35 More Miles Planned! (VIDEO)

In June We Build the Wall completed its first wall segment just outside of El Paso Texas!
We Build the Wall is now ready to break ground on segments #2 and #3.

DHS officlals are already praising the privately-funded organization as a “game-changer” in their work to protect Americans from DC’s open border zealots.

BorderReport.com reported:

Calling the privately-built border wall in Sunland Park, New Mexico a “game-changer,” some Department of Homeland Security officials say they’re open to efforts to reduce smuggling and other illegal activity.

“I welcome all that want to be part of the solution,” said Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Chad Wolf during a visit to El Paso on Wednesday. He was responding to a question from reporters about efforts by a private organization to build a chunk of border wall in South Texas.

“Obviously, when you’re talking about a border wall system you have to do that in close connection with CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection), the Army Corps of Engineers and the like. The requirements that they have are pretty robust. … It has to meet certain requirements,” Wolf said. “So if there are going to be private entities that do that, we want to make sure that we’re talking to them.”

The Houston-based nonprofit We Build the Wall built a half-a-mine stretch of steel bollard wall in Sunland Park this summer, despite last-minute wrangling with local officials over permits. The group’s land-clearing activity in Mission, Texas was put on hold this week after the International Boundary and Water Commission outlined concerns in a letter to the group.

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“We Build the Wall” has more to do.
The patriotic organization has plans for 35 more miles in privately funded border wall projects.

Founder and organizer Brian Kolfage recently announced two more border wall projects.

We are deep into the planning of Projects #2 and #3, which are coming soon. Those sections of border wall will also have a major impact when completed. Both projects are complicated in nature and require a lot of extra planning before we break ground. We cannot release exact locations due to security concerns, but rest assured we are working hard to ensure no one can target us like we saw with our first construction phase. As with Project #1, we will begin building and get the job done without a lot of fanfare in advance.

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