CAUGHT: TOP TWITTER EXECUTIVES Endorsed and Supported SLEEPING GIANTS in Blocking Ads to Breitbart, Tucker Carlson, Hannity, Laura Ingraham

Sleeping Giants, founded by Matt Rivitz, was recently caught working with Twitter brass to block advertising to Breitbart, Tucker Carlson, Hannity, Laura Ingraham and other conservative outlets.

The Gateway Pundit has also been targeted by their attacks.

Journalist Nick Monroe reported earlier this month on Twitter executives meeting with and endorsing Sleeping Giants to block advertising to Breitbart, Tucker Carlson, Hannity, Laura Ingraham and others.

I’m coming forward with this because I don’t have a Twitter account. Again, I’d like my account back. But in my current position I can point out problems with Twitter as a company without having to worry about backlash.

Even so, please don’t take anything I’m about to say the wrong way.

This is from Kelly Huffman. Sr. Manager Business Development & Growth Marketing, Self-Serve Ads. Twitter. “Great catching a chair with you yesterday. Keep up the good fight!”

Which fight is he talking about, Jack? The Sleeping Giants campaign against Breitbartthe one against Alex Jones, or the one against Fox News and Tucker Carlson? From the sound of that tweet, your company is well aware of what’s going on with the platform when it comes to this.

That being, the guy who deals with Twitter partnerships for ads, is fully aware and allows a group like the Sleeping Giants to manipulate the ads market. 

You can see the long history of Sleeping Giants vs. Breitbart in the tweets. The Sleeping Giants have scared anywhere from 4100 to 4300 advertisers away from Breitbart. That’s the group’s tactic. They apply it to Breitbart or wherever they politically see fit.

Given Facebook’s inclusion of Breitbart into their news program, and the public backlash against the move, it’s relevant to assess how Twitter’s treatment of Breitbart fares. 

Not great, Jack.

Twitter employees engaged in Sleeping Giants campaigns. When Global Agency Development Lead Travis Freeman was with Twitter, for example, he helped hassle Amazon. A (now former) Twitter Android Engineer also reached out to Amazon for that purpose. It was right at the end of Twitter Engineer Matt Massicotte’s time with your company that he did the exact same. While working for Twitter, Nora Carroll tried to hassle Google into blacklisting Breitbart outright, saying it’s “just one (hate) site.”

David Yun has been with Twitter for five years now. He’s there currently. Here he is helping Sleeping Giants attack Breitbart.

Rahul Sharodi has worked in Twitter’s research division for almost seven years now. As someone in tune with market insights and analytics, he should be well aware of the implications of propping up the Sleeping Giants…

…David Marwick is currently serving as Twitter’s “Sr. Software Engineer, Data Infrastructure.” Been at the company since May 2012. But last year he found the time to use his position at the company to oust Huel’s advertisements from Breitbart…

..In this particular case, the distinction isn’t a problem. This is because in the replies we have another Twitter employee joining in the fray to oust Alex Jones.  Her name is Jessica P. According to Linkedin, she has been with Twitter since April 2015.  Her specialty being brand partnerships. That, alongside a statement made a week later, clearly puts Jess in the “helping the Sleeping Giants” camp.

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