BREAKING UPDATE… General Flynn Sentencing Delayed Until AFTER IG Horowitz Report Released in December

Earlier this month Attorney Sidney Powell joined Lou Dobbs to discuss the latest updates on US Government’s court case against General Michael Flynn.

Sidney Powell filed a motion in October revealing that General Michael Flynn was indeed set up by the FBI with a political ambush, damaging leaks and altered 302 reports.

Powell revealed, among other things, that former FBI lawyer Lisa Page EDITED General Mike Flynn’s 302 report, then lied to the DOJ about the edits.


Sidney Powell told Lou Dobbs she is asking for all of the evidence they asked for in their original motion to be produced… “And then we will seek to move to dismiss for egregious government conduct. I’m sure the evidence is going to support that. Frankly, we probably have enough already.”

On Tuesday the DOJ requested a delay in the Flynn case until the release of the Inspector General report on December 9th.

And here is a breaking update…….

General Flynn Sentencing Delayed until AFTER IG Horowitz Report Released in December

CNN reported:

Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser, will not be sentenced on December 18 as previously planned, a federal judge said Wednesday, to await the release of an internal Justice Department report on FBI surveillance.

Judge Emmet Sullivan agreed with prosecutors and Flynn’s lawyers, who asked for Flynn’s long-awaited sentencing hearing to be delayed because they won’t be fully prepared for it until the DOJ inspector general’s report regarding FBI surveillance as part of its early Russia probe is published.

The inspector general’s review is due out December 9. Flynn pleaded guilty in December 2017, becoming an early and key cooperator in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.
Flynn was set to be sentenced last December, but asked to delay the hearing after a judge reacted badly to his arguments.

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