TRUMP TALKS: Ambassador’s Admission That President Wanted No Quid Pro Quo ‘Means It’s All Over’

President Trump departed the White House on Wednesday en route to a visit to an Apple plant. He spoke briefly with reporters before boarding his Marine One helicopter.

“This is the final word from the president of the United States: I want nothing,” Trump told reporters, reciting Wednesday’s testimony from EU Ambassador Gary Sondland. “That means it’s all over.”

Below are the accounts from “pool reports,” gathered by a reporter on the scene and provided to the press, including the president’s thoughts on Sondland, who is testifying before the House Intelligence Committee conducting an impeachment inquiry into Trump.


POTUS stepped out of the White House at 11:36 am. He was scheduled to leave the White House at 10:45 am.

He didn’t take questions.

He read from hand-written notes, recounting Sondland’s testimony that POTUS told him there was no quid pro quo and he wanted nothing from Ukraine.
“That means it’s all over.”

“This is the final word from the president of the United started. I want nothing.”

On Sondland:

“I don’t know him very well. I have not spoken to him much. This is not a man I know well. He seems like a nice guy though.”

In another pool report, Andrew Restuccia, a Wall Street Journal, added more detail.


POTUS re-enacted his conversation with Sondland in dramatic fashion, recounting Sondland’s testimony beat by beat.

At one point, Trump paused before recounting that Sondland testified he denied there was a quid pro quo and wanted nothing from Ukraine.
“Ready, do you have the cameras rolling?” he asked.

He also disputed what he said was Sondland’s characterization that the president was in a bad mood during their conversation.

“I’m always in a good mood. I don’t know what that is.”


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