BOOM! President Trump’s Approval Number Surges! — HITS 50% — JUMPS 4 POINTS Since Show Trials Began on Wednesday!

Wednesday was the first day of the Adam Schiff impeachment show trials in the US House of Representatives.

It was a complete disaster.

Democrats for three years have been on a mission to remove President Trump based on nothing.
And on Wednesday they admitted they have nothing but psychotic rage in their quest to remove this exceptional US president.


But they fooled no one!

In fact a day after the show trial President Trump’s approval number jumped 2 points!
And after two days of the show trial President Trump’s approval rating jumped 4 POINTS in two days since Wednesday!

President Donald Trump’s approval rating on Friday jumped to 50% from 46% on Wednesday!

This is just the latest sign that Democrats will be punished for their horrible criminal attacks against President Trump.

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