WATCH: The Media Has Been Pushing For Trump’s Impeachment Since Before He Took Office (VIDEO)

The media and the Democrats have a lot in common.

Neither of them have ever accepted the outcome of the 2016 election, and both of them have been talking about impeaching Trump all along.

You may not remember how far back this goes. They were talking about it before Trump was even sworn in.

News Busters reports:

35 Straight Months: Even Before Trump Took Office, Media Began Impeachment Obsession

The liberal media have begun yet another round of frenzied impeachment speculation, this time in reaction to anonymously-sourced media reports about a supposed whistleblower complaint that has not been released. But media clucking about impeachment is nothing new — in fact, their obsession with evicting Donald Trump from the White House predates his actual Presidency.

By November 10, 2016 — just two days after the election! — television talking heads were already conjuring up theoretical scenarios in which Donald Trump could be removed from office.

Since then, TV journalists have amassed quite a repertoire of possible causes for a premature end to the Trump White House, including (but not limited to): his tax returns; his family’s business dealings, both home and abroad; his firing of various cabinet officials; and of course, his tweets.

This video starts in November of 2016 and comes right up to the present. Watch:

These people are so obsessed.

The media is so dishonest.

They think no one remembers how differently they treated Obama.

They’re wrong.

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