Voters Shun Elites: New Iowa Poll Shows Rep. Steve King Holds Sizable Lead on Primary Opponents – 74% of Voters Stand with King over Hacks at NY Times

Good news for our friend Steve King!

A new poll finds Rep. Steve King (R-IA) leading bigly in the Republican primary in Western Iowa.

And, better yet, Iowa voters trust Rep. King over the horrid smear merchants at The New York Times.

Wall Lake, I.A. – A new poll was released from Congressman Steve King’s campaign on Monday, October 7, which demonstrates the congressman’s strong support from primary voters. This poll was conducted by G1 Survey Research and asks voters who they support in the 2020 primary. The poll also surveyed voters on their reaction to the New York Times hit piece that attempted to paint Congressman King as a racist and a white nationalist.

Click here to view the poll. Here are the three main points:

1. Voters’ trust in Steve King is clearly reflected in the ballot, where 59% of voters support King in a crowded primary.

Congressman Steve King has a commanding, 44-point lead in the Republican Primary race for Iowa’s Fourth District. Fifty-nine percent (59%) of likely Primary Election voters support King on the ballot. Challengers Feenstra, Taylor, Richards, and Reeder receive a combined twenty-three percent (23%)of the ballot share. Seventeen percent (17%) are undecided.

2. Despite 70% of Republican primary voters having heard about Steve King’s comments in the New York Times, voters side with King (74%) over the media (15%) on this issue at a ratio of 5:1.

“Steve King has been characterized by the media as a racist and a white nationalist. Steve King says he is being purposely misquoted and this is just another example of fake news. Would you say you agree with the media, or do you agree with Steve King?”

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