Ugh. #NeverTrumper Neil Cavuto Gladly Joins Schiff-Pelosi Bandwagon in Trump Impeachment Push (VIDEO)

Neil Cavuto has been a longtime Trump hater.
And he doesn’t hide it.

Cavuto, who’s expertise is in economics, does not care what President Trump has done to flip the economy and to help the middle class.
Cavuto could not care less about the historic unemployment numbers, trade deals and stock market success.

Cavuto hates Trump.


Today on FOX Business Cavuto accused President Trump of criminal conduct in his call with the Ukrainian leaders.

Neil Cavuto: He was saying he would be following this one way or another. I find that really stretches credulity here. Now, I know this is going to get me in trouble with a lot of people but there is a line about what is a high crime and a misdemeanor. That’s a serious moral ethical line to me.

This jackass has been Never-Trump since day one. He was thrilled to bring this up today.
Apparently he bought the leftist line that Democrat candidates should not be investigated.

How awful.

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