TUCKER: NBC Passed On Weinstein Scoop To Protect Hillary Clinton

Ronan Farrow is at it again.

In his new book, “Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators,” which comes out Oct. 15, disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein reportedly reached out to his longtime friend Hillary Clinton in an effort to kill Farrow’s major exposé on the sexual misconduct allegations against him.

Weinstein “attempted to leverage his long-term relationship with Hillary Clinton to pressure Farrow, he writes,” The Hollywood Reporter wrote. “In summer 2017, while Farrow was trying to lock down an interview with Clinton for his foreign policy book — while also still working on the Weinstein story — he received a call from Clinton’s publicist, Nick Merrill, who told him that the ‘big story’ Farrow was working on was a ‘concern for us.’ Then, in September 2017, according to an email cited in the book, Weinstein wrote to Deborah Turness, the ex-president of NBC News who now runs NBC News International, to propose a docuseries on Clinton. ‘Your Hillary doc series sounds absolutely stunning,’ Turness responded.”

On Wednesday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson broke it all down, saying it was an open secret that Weinstein regularly abused women and detailing how Hillary plays into the story.

“So they knew. That’s beyond dispute now. So why didn’t they do anything to stop the abuse? Well, it turns out, because people like Hillary Clinton helped Weinstein get away with it. Here’s one example of it: In the summer 2017, according to this new book, Ronan Farrow tried to schedule an interview with Hillary Clinton for another book he was writing about U.S. foreign policy,” Carlson said.

“Hillary’s publicist, a man called Nick Merrill, warned Farrow outright that a certain ‘big story’ he was then working on was, quote, a ‘concern for us.’ In other words, leave Harvey Weinstein alone. If you want to get what we’ve got, stop it. Stop bothering Harvey Weinstein. That was the message to Ronan Farrow from Hillary Clinton,” Carlson said. “Weinstein had been a longtime fundraiser for the Clinton family. Hillary wanted to protect him, no matter how many women he was hurting.

“Several months later, Weinstein returned Hillary’s favor. He sent an email to NBC executive called Deborah Turness, and he pitched a docu-series about, you guessed it, Hillary Clinton. Turness called the idea ‘absolutely stunning.’

“But don’t be surprised. NBC news was in the tank for the Democratic Party, and also in the tank for Harvey Weinstein. When Farrow began his investigation, he may not have known this, he was still an NBC employee at the time. But he learned it when the company rejected his story on Harvey Weinstein, despite the fact he had it nailed.

“In the end, he took the piece elsewhere and won a Pulitzer Prize. So now we know why NBC passed on what turned out to be the scoop of the decade. According to Farrow’s book, Weinstein had dug up allegations against ‘Today Show’ host Matt Lauer, and threatened to expose Lauer if NBC didn’t quash the story about him. So to protect their top talent, NBC let Weinstein get away with abusing women and they’ve been  been lying about it ever since.”

Watch the full clip below:


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