Sweden: Violent Weekend Sees 2 Explosions and 40 Cars on Fire

Guest post by Peter Imanuelsen, more commonly known as Peter Sweden

Sweden experieced another violent weekend as several explosions took place and dozens of cars were set on fire.

Early on monday morning a hair salon was blown up in the city of Märsta, which caused massive material damage. Shortly before the explosion, 19 cars were set on fire in the same city. Police say they don’t know if there is any connection between the attacks, and currently no one is arrested.

This was not the only explosion this weekend, as in the city of Malmö a device had been detonated  inside a manhole on the street, causing the cover to blow off. Police believe a device had been thrown inside the manhole.

Elsewhere a number of cars were set on fire all over Sweden. In the area of Tyresö just outside Stockholm, 7-8 cars were set on fire. Pictures show the cars totally destroyed by the flames.

In the city of Södertälje 6 cars were set on fire, again photos showed the cars destroyed.

But that was not all, 5 cars were set on fire in the city of Oskarshamn, and there were also reports of cars being set on fire in the city of Borås.

Between January and July this year, there has been 120 explosions in Sweden, a 45% increase from the year before.

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