Steve Bannon on FOX and Friends: “I Think Joe Biden Is Completely Compromised by China… Political Corruption” (VIDEO)

Former Chief Strategist for President Trump Steve Bannon joined Brian Kilmeade on Monday morning on FOX and Friends to discuss the his new venture “The War Room: Impeachment” that is aired on The Gateway Pundit each morning from 9-10 ET.

During the conversation Steve was asked about Joe and Hunter Biden.

Brian Kilmeade: Do you have a problem with his son serving on Burisma or do you think that’s a rabbit hole?

Steve Bannon: No, I think it’s corruption. I think what’s worse is China. Look they took over a billion dollars from China. I think Joe Biden is completely compromised by China. I think people understand that. I think in the Ukraine situation the same thing. I think his reason last night was terrible. “Oh, I had nothing to do with it. He was already on the board.” This son got in the Navy with no expertise because of Joe Biden. He got on the board because of connections to Joe Biden. His whole career is about having access to Joe Biden. Political Corruption.

Via Polish Patriot:


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