REVEALED: ‘Whistleblower’ Acknowledged to IC Inspector General Additional Anti-Trump Bias, For a THIRD Previously Unknown Reason

The CIA snitch and leaker who’s trying to pass himself off as a ‘whistleblower’ acknowledged to the Intel Community Inspector General ADDITIONAL anti-Trump bias for a third and previously unreported reason, according to sources who spoke to Fox News.

So far we know this Trump-Ukraine whistleblower is a CIA officer who is a registered Democrat.

We now know the whistleblower previously worked with Joe Biden in the White House when he was Vice President.

Now Fox News is reporting that the whistleblower acknowledged to Mr. Atkinson additional anti-Trump bias.

The whistleblower at the center of Democrats’ impeachment inquiry acknowledged to the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) that bias against President Trump might be alleged against him or her for a third, previously unreported reason, sources familiar with the ICIG investigation tell Fox News.

Fox News has previously reported the whistleblower is a registered Democrat and had a prior work history with a senior Democrat.

Though Fox News has learned that an additional element of possible bias was identified by the whistleblower, its nature remains unclear.

Despite the obvious agenda to remove Trump from office, the CIA officer insists his complaint is not politically motivated.

Evidence to the contrary.

The whistleblower conspired with House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff and met with his staffers before the the complaint was even filed.

Schiff even lied about his contact with the whistleblower when he told MSNBC viewers that “we have not spoken directly with the whistleblower” prior to the complaint being filed.

This CIA officer has no credibility– no wonder why Adam Schiff is now saying the whistleblower will not be testifying to his Committee.

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