Never-Trumper Kristan Nevins Promoted to White House Cabinet Secretary — Was Amazon Lobbyist and Will Hurd Chief-of-Staff

Earlier on Wednesday President Donald Trump finally called out the corrupt officials in his administration who continue to bring in Never-Trumpers “who are worse than the Do Nothing Democrats.”

This comes after years of horrid GOP elites frequently sabotaging his administration.

The tweet came at a very appropriate time considering recent development.


In September avowed Never-Trumper Kristan King Nevins was appointed White House Cabinet Secretary. The position reportedly holds an amazing amount of clout and enables Nevins to see everything.

Kristan King Nevins was vocal Never-Trumper Rep. Will Hurd’s former Chief of Staff. Will Hurd is former CIA and a huge Trump hater.

King then went to work for Sally Donnelly Advisors lobbying for Amazon and Bloomberg.

Kristan King Nevins reportedly moved Matt Flynn to a different department at her request.

Nevins worked for Mrs. Pence.

So who put Kristan King Nevins in her current role? The Pences.
It appears Mike Pence is participating in the turmoil.

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