MUST SEE VIDEO: Climate Change Geeks Stop Train, Hang Banner in London — Morning Commuters Drag Them Off Train and BEAT THE HELL OUT OF THEM!

This morning in London climate change activists from Extinction Rebellion climbed on top of a London train and unfurled a banner about climate change junk science.

The train would not depart the station because the activists were standing on its roof with a banner reading, “Business as usual = death.”

That’s when angry Londoners rebelled against the Extinction Rebellion climate change activists.


The London commuters screamed and hurled drinks at the activists. Then they climbed on the train, pulled and pushed the activists off the train, and pummeled and kicked them on the ground.

Via Andy Ngo:

They dragged the idiots off the train.

What a wonderful moment of unity!
And Brexit was signed today with the EU.
Maybe there is hope for Britain.

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