More Than 1.5 Million Californians in the Dark As Utility Company Cuts Power For 2nd Day – Residents May Be Without Power For SEVERAL DAYS

CA Gov Gavin Newsom and his family at his inauguration

More than 1.5 million Californians on Thursday were without power after Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) cut off electricity to even more residents in order to ‘prevent dangerous wildfires.’ 

On Wednesday, 800,000 people in 3 dozen counties in Northern California were cut off from electricity for their ‘own safety’ and these residents are living in chaos because they have no idea when the electricity will be restored.

Of course the Communist Governor of California Gavin Newsom endorsed the deliberate outages which resembles something you would see in Venezuela or North Korea.

“The reality is that we want to protect people. We want to make sure people are safe. This is what PG&E thinks is in the best interest of their customers and ultimately for this region and the state,” the governor said.

“It is a massive inconvenience,” he added. “No one wants to see this happen. But it is a public safety issue.”

Schools closed and businesses came to a grinding halt this week all in the name of ‘keeping people safe.’

Residents stripped the grocery stores of water and ice and say they have no idea when they will be able to take a shower.

It gets worse..

PG&E warned customers that they would be without power for SEVERAL DAYS after the dangerous fire conditions subside because “every inch” of their electric system must be inspected by thousands of workers by ground and helicopter before the electric grid can be reactivated, according to the Associated Press.

PG&E employees are living in fear as angry residents lash out at the utility company for stripping them of power — one PG&E truck was hit by a bullet, according to AP.

Faced with customer anger, PG&E put up barricades around its San Francisco headquarters. A customer threw eggs at a PG&E office in Oroville. A PG&E truck was hit by a bullet, but authorities could not immediately say whether it was targeted.

“We realize and understand the impact and the hardship,” said Sumeet Singh, head of PG&E’s Community Wildfire Safety Program. But he urged people not to take it out on PG&E employees.

SoCal Edison warned that several counties in Southern California may be next as the Santa Ana winds are expected to whip up this Thursday and Friday.

Santa Ana’s are very dry and often warm winds in California that can have gusts that exceed 80 mph which create dangerous fire conditions.

Even Democrat lawmakers in California are complaining about this unprecedented move by the utility companies, calling it “third world.”

California is devolving into a third world hell hole because of liberal Democrat policies.

Homelessness is exploding, needles are scattered in the streets of San Fran and LA and now utility companies are cutting off power INDEFINITELY with little to no notice to “protect” people from fires.

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