Look for it… Council Against Islamic Religious Hatred Runs Ad on Islamic Anti-Semitism in Boston Herald

CAIRH.ORG Advertisement in The Boston Herald, Friday, 10/4/19: “DISTURBING FACTS ABOUT ISLAMIC ANTISEMITISM”

From the CAIRH.org website

Today, Friday October 4, 2019, our evidence-based advertisement is running in The Boston Herald. We have reproduced an actual ad “tear page” as a smaller scale png file, and two pdf file links, below that png image. The first pdf (pdf1) is an image of the full-size ad as it appears in print.  The second pdf (pdf2) is a full-size image of the ad with active hyperlink annotations. This blog provides additional elaboration of the ad’s factual claims, and concludes with a recent confirmatory embedded video observation (and transcript of those comments) by U.S. State Department Special Envoy on Antisemitism, Elan Carr.

CAIRH.org also posted facts from their recent study on global anti-Semitism.
The most openly anti-Semitic countries are all Middle Eastern or North African (MENA) nations.

Here is today’s ad on the facts of Islamic anti-Semitism.

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