JUST IN: Fired NatSec Advisor John Bolton to Testify in Sham Impeachment Inquiry in Closed-Door Deposition Next Week

John Bolton

John Bolton is set to testify in Schiff’s sham impeachment inquiry in a closed-door deposition next Thursday.

President Trump last month fired John Bolton as National Security Advisor.

Trump said he “disagreed strongly” with many of Bolton’s suggestions.

Now Bolton will testify in the sham impeachment inquiry — it is unclear if Bolton was subpoenaed or if he is showing up voluntarily.

Nicholas Fandos, a Congress reporter for the New York Times said Bolton is scheduled for next Thursday, November 7.

According to reports, John Bolton was “frustrated” with Rudy Giuliani’s efforts with Ukraine.

House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff said on Sunday that Bolton has “very relevant information” and his committee wants the former NatSec Advisor to testify.

So far the sham impeachment inquiry is a bunch of unelected bureaucrats whining about President Trump’s foreign policy with Ukraine, a US ally.

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