Judge: DOJ Improperly Redacted Court Filing Related To Mueller Probe

Guest post by Mike LaChance at American Lookout

History is not going to be kind to the Mueller investigation.

Not only was the entrire affair ultimately revealed to be a waste of time, we’re still learning about problems with the way certain aspects were handled.

In this latest example, improperly redacted passages.

The Hill reports:

Judge rules DOJ improperly redacted court filing related to Mueller probe

The Department of Justice improperly redacted a court filing related to the Mueller investigation and must reveal the names of two individuals who figured prominently in the probe, a federal judge in Washington ruled on Thursday.

Judge Beryl Howell of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia said in her opinion that the department erroneously redacted a portion of a document after invoking grand jury secrecy protections, even though the two names that were concealed belonged to individuals who did not testify before a grand jury during the Mueller probe.

“DOJ’s assertion that identifying individuals who did not testify before the grand jury as part of the Mueller investigation would reveal ‘a matter occurring before the grand jury’ is without merit and rejected,” Howell wrote.

According to the judge, who was appointed by former President Obama, both of the people whose names were redacted “figured in key events examined in the Mueller Report.”

Howell said that it does not appear that the same redaction error was made in the report that former Special Counsel Robert Mueller gave to Congress earlier this year.

Basically, the whole thing stinks.

The Democrats are going to pay a price for this at the ballot box.

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