In New Book, Susan Rice Throws Hillary Under The Bus On Benghazi

Days after the U.S. embassy and consulate in Libya were attacked on Sept. 11, 2012 — leaving four Americans dead, including the ambassador — United Nations ambassador Susan Rice appeared on five networks for their Sunday political talk show.

Throughout the day, Rice repeatedly blamed the attacks on an internet video. The video supposedly responsible was critical of Islam. That canard had been created by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and ran for weeks — even though hours after the attacks Clinton told her daughter in an email that it was clearly terrorism.

At the time, Rice was on the fast track. She was being mentioned as a successor to Clinton to head the State Department, but that was derailed when her version of the events at the diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, swiftly fell apart.

Now, in a new book, Rice takes a swipe at Hillary for the whole mess.

In a new memoir, “Tough Love: My Story of the Things Worth Fighting For,” released on Tuesday, Rice says she was asked to sit in for Hillary and do the round of Sunday talk shows.

She writes that her mother, Lois Dickson Rice, told her she shouldn’t accept. “Why do you have to go on the shows? Where is Hillary?” The Daily Mail reports.

Rice told her mother that Clinton was ‘wiped out after a brutal week’ and that the Obama White House asked her to step up in the place.

‘I smell a rat. This is not a good idea. Can’t you get out of it?’ her mother said.

Rice told her: ‘Mom, don’t be ridiculous. I’ve done the shows. It will be fine.’

It wasn’t fine. As the real facts of what occurred at Benghazi came out, it was clear that Rice had been the sacrificial lamb sent out to misdirect and misinform America.  Clinton his away for days. The attacks by throngs of terrorists, later probes found, had nothing to do with the YouTube video.

Sen. John John McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham, both Republicans, said they would block Rice’s nomination to Secretary of State. McCain said she was “not very bright” and Graham said she was “either incompetent or untrustworthy.”

Rice stuck by her guns and said she had “relied solely and squarely on the information provided to me by the intelligence community.”

“The situation left her feeling ‘numb’ for weeks and at one point she called her husband to say she felt like a ‘pinata,’ ” The Mail writes.

She said: ‘I don’t know what to do anymore. I just don’t know,’ she cried on the phone to him out of exhaustion.

The criticism continued unabated with news stories calling her ‘screeching’, claiming she had a ‘personality disorder’ and falsely stated she was not opposed to the Iraq War.

Even the Russian government joined in, calling her ‘ambitious and aggressive’, a barb she wore as a badge of honor.

Rice thought long and hard and eventually decided to pull back from her nomination from Secretary of State even though she thought the row was a ‘manufactured controversy and a political hit job.’

Rice, of course, blamed it all on her race and gender.

“The combination — being a confident black woman who is not seeking permission or affirmation from others – I now suspect accounts for why I inadvertently intimidate some people, especially certain men, and perhaps also why I have long inspired motivated detractors who simply can’t deal with me,” she writes.


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